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BPA Free Baby Bottles

Many parents do not feel comfortable giving their older infants glass bottles, but there is a BPA-free plastic alternative. Born Free makes BPA-free plastic baby bottles, training cups, and sippy cups. I have not tried out these products, but it is nice to know there is an alternative for parents who feel plastic is the best option for their child. According to Greenfeet, “It doesn’t take much. As little as one to three servings of food with unsafe BPA levels may expose pregnant women and infants to harmful levels of the toxin.” Born Free baby bottles have an inner valve and air vent system that help prevent ear infections and gastro problems. In addition, Born Free products are made in Switzerland. As I’ve stated before, breast is best for babies and toddlers; however, some families use bottles for breastmilk and water. My daughter never used a bottle, but my son used one while he was in the hospital for heart surgery. Pumping round the clock isn’t fun, but the benefits of breastmilk outweigh any mother’s discomfort.


  1. Hi there,
    Being a new Dad, our boy just turned 1 – still feels new – I find that not a day goes by that I’m not worried about something. I consider myself fairly well informed about most things but didn’t hear anything about BPA until earlier this year. We switched over to glass bottles a few months ago and it feels great. My brother swears by Dr. Brown’s Bottles, either are great.


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