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The Eco-friendly Stroller From Baby Planet Supports Animal Conservation

Baby Planet Stroller

Anyone who’s a parent or going to be parents know the utmost importance of a stroller. When parents are willing to shell out a thousand dollar for a Bugaboo or even a couple hundred to tote their precious cargo; it’s just a lucrative and booming business. So it’s like breath of fresh air when a company decides to start a brand of Eco-friendly strollers that offers to recycle their old strollers and even partners up with Wildlife Conservation Society to help save endangered animals.

Baby Planet is a company that cares not only about the environment for the children but also considers the needs of the parents. Ergonomically designed, these strollers are not only Eco-conscious but well thought out with “cutting edge technology along with an innovative spirit to shape a new line of products that are safe, durable, convenient and stylish”. These strollers have been featured on many parenting magazines and won 2007 JPMA INNOVATION for design.

BabyPlanet has implemented a recycling program where they will take back old strollers to be recycled or donated to family in need. They will not only take back their own brand but others as well.

What’s more impressive is their teaming up with Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in developing the Endangered Species line, a line of premium strollers that focus attention on the plight of Endangered Species around the globe.

In addition to raising consumer awareness of these animals, Baby Planet has made a yearly cash contribution to the WCS and is donating $5 from each stroller sold. These funds will be used by the WCS to further the cause of protecting the world’s endangered species and the habitats they occupy.

I also love the fact that the stroller is made out of aluminum (although there has been a trend of thought that aluminum is also toxic)  and not plastic. With recent controversy over plastics and harmful effects of it; I think it’s in parent’s best interest to minimize the amount of plastic children are exposed to, just as a precaution. I am not too crazy about the wheels, but overall, I think this is an Eco-friendly stroller that didn’t sacrifice on the aesthetics and affordable, A very jolly green find.

[This post was written by Susie Kim.]


  1. Michelle says:

    I am confused as to what makes this stroller eco-friendly. Is it because it can be recycled? Is it made from recycled aluminum? Is the fabric organic or environmentally friendly?

  2. We need to save the endangered species such as the panda bear. Also I heard that Polar Bears are going to become extinct if we don’t help them! We need to do our part to save our endangered species.

  3. Is it PBDE free?


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