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Made in the USA: IsaBooties Eco-Friendly Soft-Soled Shoes for Babies and Toddlers

I always cringe when I see babies and toddlers in hard sole, inflexible shoes, as if their feet are bound like Chinese girls a hundred years ago. Little feet need to grow naturally, without the restrictions of hard shoes, and pediatricians now recommend that children go barefoot until they are two-years-old. The next best thing to bare feet, which is not always practical when walking outdoors or in cooler temperatures, are soft-soled shoes. We have previously reviewed Robeez footwear, but a more eco-friendly, made in USA option exists: IsaBooties.

IsaBooties are made in Colorado with fair labor. These soft-soled shoes are formaldehyde-free, and the “ultrasuede” fabric exceeds the Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety (ASTM F963-07). The fabric is durable, machine washable, breathable, and 100% vegan! These shoes are stain resistant and do not fall off, as well as they help keep socks on little crawling feet. The packaging is made from 100% recycled materials, is 100% recyclable, and printed with soy ink.

Not only are IsaBooties eco-friendly and vegan, but they are super cute. The new Ballet Criss-Crossers are adorable for little girls, and gender neutral designs are available in the new Racers and Trekkers. They also offer many styles on sale, including the Cozy Toesies lined with extra-thick, super-soft Polar fleece.

Celebrities’ babies, such as Brooke Shields’ little one, are wearing IsaBooties, but this isn’t the reason your baby or toddler should be wearing them. Not only are these soft-soled shoes hip, funky, and eco-friendly, but the company was started by “mompreneurs”. I like supporting moms while outfitting my children, rather than companies that have grown so large they have shifted production to China. With IsaBooties, I can clothe my young children with a clear environmental and social conscience.

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  1. Those are adorable!

    When it comes to socks for babies and toddlers I always turn to Maggie’s Organics (www.maggiesorganics.com). Maggie’s has been selling organic fibers for 16 years, and have long been featured at natural products’ stores nationwide, most notably Whole Foods. They are committed to socially responsible business practices, and have always made their socks in the U.S. only. All their products are long-lasting, durable, and comfortable!

    Socially and environmentally responsible socks and shoes – an unbeatable combination!

  2. Love the IsaBooties! They are too cute! I like that they are made in the USA too.

  3. Awwww nice. I too hate seeing infants in hard sole shoes.. just looks SO unnatural. Although I can’t wait to get my daughter her first pair of Uggs. (I just have weakness for them) But these shoes are uber adorable. Great find! Definitely on my to get list. :)

    I really love the bamboo socks from Taraluna that one of my friends got me as a gift. It’s so comfy and great for summer. Layla wears that all the time.

  4. Thanks for the tip! Finding shoes that my baby can’t take off has been a mission of mine.

  5. I went ahead and spent the $36 it cost to get these to my door and what a mistake :(

    My baby was able to fling them off in seconds. I tried again. . she just flings them off right away.

    I wasn’t going to buy any more baby shoes as I’ve already gone through 13 pairs. . but I saw this post, read the testimonials on the site and genuinely believed these would be the shoes she could wear. Boy was I wrong.

    I could return them but then I’d only have less than $10 off my original price back, when you factor in the money lost on getting them shipped to me, and then mailing them back :(

    Note: The box says it only costs $2 and change to send to me, but they charged me $7 to ship them!

  6. I’m so sorry 1001 petals, my sister has had a different experience all together. Thanks for posting a followup comment based on your experience.

  7. I just wanted to provide an update and say I exchanged the ballet cross shoes with a regular pair, the “Candy Dots.” These do not come off as easily as the others. .actually my baby only managed to shrug them off once. So their claim is true when it comes to their standard shoes, at least for us.


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