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ZapRoot: BPA Declared Baby Safe, Thanks FDA!


This week from our friends at ZapRoot: The FDA needs to have their heads examined. We respond to the numerous Chinese comments. Explore the world through Google Earth’s Environment section.

This week’s show links:

Eco Child’s Play – CA Fails to Pass Chemical Ban in Baby Products

Eat Drink Better – FDA Allows Producers to Irradiate Spinach & Lettuce

BPA Opinions

Corn Syrup All Natural

Google Earth Environment

[This post was written by Jeff McIntire-Strasburg.]


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  1. […] from Eco Child’s Play via tweet from Enviroblog– […]

  2. […] BPA has been detected in over 90% of Americans tested, and it is possibly linked to breast and prostate cancer. This synthetic hormone may harm the reproductive system of humans. The FDA has studied it and released a draft assessment declaring it safe. […]

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