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Mean Joe Green Cartoon: Get Those Kids Outside!

Kids are fatter than ever, watch more TV than ever before, and play and use their imagination increasingly less.

This does not bode well for them or our planet.

As Senegalese poet and naturalist Baba Dioum said,

We will protect only what we love, we will love only what we understand, we will understand only what we are taught.

If today’s children do not get outside to play in nature, with nature, they will have little reason or desire to protect the environment when they are adults.

Parents have the power to change this! Inspire play. Make active choices. Make TV the dessert of your child’s at home time, not the main dish.

Children will fight this (especially if they are use to spending the majority of the day in front of the TV).

Fight back!

Fight with patience. Fight with opportunity. Fight with love, knowing that what you are doing is for the good of your child and the planet.


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[This post was written by Joe Mohr.]


  1. I have to agree! The days that I forbid my kids to watch any television, not only are they more creative, they’re often better behaved. There are plenty of days where I wonder why I let them watch any at all.

    I certainly don’t mind the extra baths they need after a day digging up the yard.


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