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EcoDiscoveries Complete Housecleaning Line: Product Review

My mother hates odor. She’s not like “eww, that smells like garbage.” She’s like, “eew, there’s an undertone of fake gardenia in that fabric softener.”

Well, not exactly, but really close. My mother, like many others walks out of retail stores that smell like heavy cleansers and would sooner live in filth than in a house with Pine Sol. I’m not as sensitive as my mother, but I’ve tried to keep my house friendly t her and others like her.

Today I cleaned the house from top to bottom with EcoDiscoveries products and guess what my mother smelled? Nothing.

It’s actually sort of weird for me. I like smells. I love scented candles and the scent of lavendar. I adore hyacinth and when I smell baking soda all I can think of is washing the kitchen sink before putting the babies in it. For me, scent memory is important, and I’ll probably add a few drops off essential oils to each of the cleaners for my next pass through the house.

I like their glass cleaner and the Moldzyme, both work nicely. The bathroom and kitchen cleansers are good, you still need some elbow grease, but I’ll take elbow grease over carcinogens any day.

Here’s what’s spectacular though. Airzyme and the Nursery Cleaners. Interesting that a mother of school aged children wants a nursery cleaner isn’t it? The Nursery Cleaner and Airzyme took the stink outta the habitrail. Anyone that follows my personal blog knows that I’m pet challenged.

A squirt of Airzyme in the trash compactor cleared up several years’ worth of funk smell. It’s amazing, it’s a miracle, it gives me more free time to play tennis be a good housewife.

Eco Discoveries brand products are available all over the US. If you’re partial to shopping from home (I am) then check out their web specials here. I have used each and every one of their cleaning products in my home and heartily recommend them all.


  1. My son used the multienzyme on our car where he got grease and dirt stains…it took them right out, I as amazed. I didn’t think the greasy stains would come out of the upholstery or off the dashboard and arm rest. My husband was sure we’d have to get a degreaser but the ecodiscoveries worked wonderfully. I was very impressed.

  2. I have never heard of EcoDiscoveries. Thanks for this review! Do they have a product that removes lime scale? Norwex has an AWESOME one – but they raised their prices in 2012 and it’s become awfully expensive. I am actively seeking an effective alternative.


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