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Super Cool Parents Read Super Cool Baby

Super Cool BabyWith the holidays approaching, I have begun looking at blogs focused on reviewing children’s products for gift ideas.  One blog I love is Super Cool Baby, which provides “news and reviews to make your baby super cool”!

Of course, I think a super cool baby is a green one. Although not devoted entirely to green products and news, Super Cool Baby does feature many eco-friendly products.

Here are a few of my recent favorites:

  • Bambino Grande Pull Sled is designed for kids six-months to four-years-old and can fit either two toddlers or a single older child. It is made with birch planks, hand carved willow hand rails, and stainless steel hardware.
  • Happy Tummi is an all natural remedy for colic as well as gas and general fussiness. It is an herbal pack that goes on the baby’s stomach. Aromatherapy and its warmth is what soothes the child. It is adjustable with Velcro, and it only needs to be placed in the microwave for 30 seconds before placing it on your baby.
  • The Diaper Sprayer from bumGenius is an ingenious invention for all of you who do use or would like to try out cloth diapers. It is a high pressure sprayer that rinses clean diapers, keeping your hands clean. It can later be used for rinsing potty chairs. It says it is easy to install, and the package includes the sprayer, fixtures, a hose, and mounting clips.

The writers at Super Cool Baby always find unique products to review!


  1. The Bucky Woopsies are amazing eco-friendly gifts for little ones.

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