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Another Reason We Can't Trust the FDA: Melamine is Now Safe for Infant Consumption

The FDA has come out with a “safe” level of melamine in Infant Formula. Just weeks ago, the FDA stated it couldn’t determine a safe level of melamine for human infants (Oct. 3, 2008- “the US FDA cannot establish a level of melamine and its analogues in [infant formula] that does not raise public health concerns.”).

Of course there isn’t a safe level, look what happened in China. (Melamine was added in China Formulas to fool protein content tests and was at a much higher level than what was found in U.S. Formula Brands. At least 3 infants died from contaminated formula in China.)
While watching CBS news this evening, I was SHOCKED to hear Dr. Daniel Rauch, a pediatrician at New York University’s Langone Medical Center state “We think it’s safe.” Since when is THINKING something is safe okay? Is this an innocent until proven guilty situation? Do CHILDREN HAVE TO DIE before our government steps up to the plate?

Dr. Rauch went on to say, “But the bottom line is that we don’t really know, and zero would be best.” Despite this, the FDA has set a safe level for melamine (and related chemicals like cyanuric acid) at 1 ppm (one part per million). All three major formula manufacturers have tested positive for levels of melamine at less than 1 ppm.

CBS gives this advice to parents looking for an alternative, “about 90 percent of all infant formulas produced in the U.S. are made by the three companies whose products tested positive for contaminants.” (Enfamil, Good Start and Similac all have tested positive for melamine or cyanuric acid. No samples have tested positive for both contaminants.) In other words, if you formula feed your child, there is NO SAFE ALTERNATIVE. You can’t backtrack and start breastfeeding months into your child’s life. Infants not breastfed MUST be fed infant formula or they risk malnutrition and its serious health risks.

This asinine move by the FDA reaffirms that they are not to be trusted. According to the FDA; BPA is safe, Melamine is safe, FD&C Food Colorants are safe, BHT & BHA are safe… AT THE LEVELS USED IN OUR FOOD, what happens when all these so called safe levels are combined in our bodies over a lifetime. Death? Cancer? ADHD? Fatigue? IBS? Birth Defects?

We cannot allow our children to be treated like test rats! The FDA is exhibiting more concern over corporate America than the health and well being of American children.

So, what do we do? We get the word out. We let the FDA and related government know that we will not stand for this continued ignorance! Demand they begin to set safety standards based on science not on big business. If you are an expectant parent, BREASTFEED (at least until a safe formula supply is available) because we don’t know what potential dangers the current contaminated formulas could represent. If you are feeding your child infant formula, check the FDA test list to see if there is an alternative that has tested negative for melamine and cyanuric acid. If there isn’t an alternative, check with your pediatrician. Chances are good that you should continue to feed your child the formula, this is a measured evils situation. We know malnutrition arising from improper feeding is deadly. Whatever you do… DO NOT STOP feeding your baby (less than 12 months old) infant formula or breastmilk. That is a decision that could prove tragic.


  1. Shirley Hudson says:

    This is discouraging. I would recommend that all concerned persons first do their own research on these elements, then, as always, contact both the producers and your local and national representatives to express your concerns and demand that independent research and product development be funded to remedy this situation. There is enough to be concerned about in just raising our children without having to fear the food we give them. Thank you for warning against ceasing to feed the infants all that is good and necessary in their formulas. We still have a way to go to get to mothers being able to follow their career and economic goals and still manage to safely feed and rear our children.

  2. NOone can trust FDA anymore, it’s pretty much a lame, useless joke.
    My niece was fed infant formula most of the time…Urgh, I hate it. I don’t want to imagine what happened when she consumed all that Enfamil.

  3. I also wrote about the irresponsibility of the FDA on this issue. It is outrageous. Parents should be able to feed their babies formula without having to worry if there are harmful chemicals like melamine in it.

    I posted a link in my post on how to contact the FDA, and also suggest contacting your local Congress people, and attorney general. Evidently Congress & the IL state AG, were calling for a recall on ALL US formula, until the FDA said it would be a mistake. (what a shock!) Perhaps if Congress and AG’s heard from parents, it would motivate them to take on the FDA.

    Link to my post: http://amamasblog.com/2008/11/29/melamine-in-us-infant-formula-update/

  4. concerned mama says:

    i disagree that there is no safe alternative

    children were raised for years on evaporated milk reconstituted with water (at least in the south (usa))……there was a study done in canada that proved there was no resulting malnutrition

    my child will not be drinking anymore formula and i daresay that in the few weeks my child has been on evaporated milk there has been no weight loss or any indication of malnutrition

  5. the gangsters and tax evaders ..republicans also bought the fda ..to kill our children…….its amazing what those people are willing to do…by the way all of those infant formula makers mentioned ..have ingredians from china they say its not milk……lol but perhaps milk sugar or the dha ara algea…..that has to be grown….if you talk to their agents ..and persist they will tell you that they have so called reputable chinese deliverers..of some products from china in all of their formula….did i mention that china owns us…we have borrowed to much money from them …now they can kill us with their crap they send to the usa…..

  6. virginia saxe says:

    Excuse me for being ignorant, but what the hell are chemicals doing in baby formula anyway!! I was under the impression baby formula was designed to mimick breast milk.
    I am pretty sure my my breast milk has no melamine in it.


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