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WTF? Baby Boys' Circumcised Foreskins Used for Wrinkle Treatments

baby foreskins used in wrinkle treatmentSometimes, I just can’t believe what I read…I mean, who thinks this stuff up?  Has your doctor talked to you about Vavelta yet?

Valvelta is a wrinkle treatment available in the UK that is derived from the foreskins of babies.


At birth, we chose not to circumcise our son, but not all boys are so lucky.  What should doctors do with all those leftover foreskins from circumcisions? Treat the aging population’s wrinkles, of course!  According to Scientific American, Vavelta uses fibroblasts, cells that produce the skin-firming protein collagen and make elastin.  The source of the fibrolasts:  baby foreskins.

The fibroblasts in Vavelta are isolated from the foreskins taken from baby boys, given several months to grow and multiply in the lab, and then packaged into treatment vials that are shipped to a select group of U.K. physicians. Each vial costs approximately 750 pounds, or $1,000], according to the company spokesperson.

Once delivered into the skin, the fibroblasts begin producing collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin (which build and reinforce it) orthey make enzymes called metalloproteinases to break down excessive amounts of proteins that accumulate in scar tissue, according to Paul Kemp, Intercytex’s chief scientific officer.

Some doctors warn the foreskins could carry viruses, besides the um, ethical considerations. Glad my son’s foreskin is still where it belongs on his penis and not injected into some old woman’s face looking for the fountain of youth.


  1. Haha…my sons’ too.
    My sister worked at an orthopedic office for a while. The foreskins also ended up on skin grafts on FEET.
    That’s a real kick in the…

  2. Wow, I had no idea. At least they are recycling or is it upcycling? I guess it depends on what kind of man they baby boy grows up to be…

  3. Are the parents paid? Are they even told? What this proves is that the foreskin is property. And whose property is it? The person it is attached to, wouldn’t you think?

    “What kind of man” Jennifer? What kind of man wants less of a penis?

  4. Kevin Smith says:

    When those boys grow up, will they wonder whose lips their penises wound up in?

  5. This explains a lot. It makes no sense to continue this barbaric practice on its own. There has to be money involved. His body = His choice. End non-consensual amputation.

  6. Summer Minor says:

    This certainly isn’t anything new, they’ve been using foreskins in creams and lotions for a long time. Scary, isn’t it? I actually wrote about this back in ’07(http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/146761/human_foreskins_are_big_business_for.html?cat=69)

  7. First off three words:
    Fits all of those descriptions as they could just be incinerated(added CO2 in the atmosphere) or just out right dumped in a landfill, but I suppose you could compost it.

    However in regards to circumcision and this information, were I to have a son I would get him circumcised where as the pros of doing so outweigh the cons and it has been done for thousands of years. The real concern is in the vaccines.

    Overall this reminds me of an article in Wired Mag where a guy built a super powered speed boat that ran off of fuel made from liposuction fat.

  8. Hugh7, I was trying to be cheeky in referring to the difference between upcycling and recycling. Upcycling involves turning something into a better product when it is reused, so it was a lame attempt at a joke bashing men. Sorry. If the boy grew up to be a bad man, then the foreskin into wrinkle cream would have been upcycling.

  9. OK, I usually don’t post things like this, but… did you notice that the name “Valvelta” sounds a lot like “Velveeta”, that processed cheese-like substance? And Velveeta is known for “a soft, creamy texture and a distinctive taste” according to Wikipedia and other sources. So, does it make you wonder what secret ingredient might be in that cheese-like product?

  10. MARIA MILLS says:

    Hey everyone,

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  11. This is a wonderful idea. Why waste a good bi-product by discarding in the trash?
    As a baby boomer myself, i would be prepared to pay a premium to use these products to smooth out my skin.I dont think the industry should feel any guilt, as the forskin is useless really, and if it can assist women then we should move forward with the idea.

    • Annie you are an absolute female chauvinist cow. The foreskin is not a “useless organ”, how dare you say that??? It is rich with nerves and vital to proper sexual functioning. How would __you__ feel if your clitoris was removed at birth and used to enhance men’s muscles.

      You are a disgraceful sexist with no compassion, empathy or understanding of the male gender.

  12. It seems like a good idea, but the foreskin is apparently worth quite a bit, therefore the parents should be reimbursed… but they’re not.

    And like I said, it seems like a good idea… it really isn’t, and the very idea makes me flesh crawl and makes want to question Doctors’ judgement.

  13. It seems like the parents should be privy to the information, kind of like donating an organ! There should be a release form or something, possibly even comped for the procedure, since the foreskins are used for cosmetic purposes and nothing as noble as saving a life (like in organ donation).

  14. yes,many boys are derived their foreskins in a young age because it’s thought not good for cleaning.

  15. I agree with Annie. But men are emotional about being circumcised when they had nothing to say about the decision. They don’t need to have any say. Medical science has proved it’s best to circumcise all males. When I was circumcised my foreskin was tossed into the trash (a good place for it) but better it go for helping women to look younger. No compensation is due the parents for sale of the circumcised foreskin and the idea that circumcised males should ever have any legal redress is another case of attorney greed. Circumcision must be made mandatory by law for every male and those who perform it be given immunity from lawsuits. Viva male circumcision!

  16. Many, many Jews are questioning circumcision from many perspectives including religious, ethical, and spiritual as well as men, women, and parents.

    To the Mohel Who Cut Me by Shea Levy

    A Jewish Woman Denounces Circumcision by Laura Shanley

    How “Cut” Saved My Son’s Foreskin: A Movie Review By Diane Targovnik

    Jewish Circumcision: An Alternative Perspective by Jenny Goodman, MD.

    A Case for Bris without Milah.


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