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Kids Drink Windsheild Wiper Fluid at Daycare: another reason to go for fruit juice

10 kids ingested windshield wiper fluid at a daycare in Little Rock, AR. The kids, aged 2-7, each had about one ounce of the fluid.  One child had a high blood level of methanol, which can cause blindness.

Mmm.  Delicious florescent drinks. This is what happens when electric blue kids’ beverages look just like poisons.

But no, really: how did this happen?

Apparently, one of the daycare staff had gone shopping (buying some products that have nothing to do with caring for children) and another put the groceries away.  Laura James, a pediatric pharmacologist and toxicologist at Arkansas Children’s Hospital in Little Rock, said of the incident:

This product was mistakenly grabbed and thought to be Kool-Aid and put in the refrigerator.

So the chilled, nasty stuff was given to the kids and each drank a bit before realizing that the stuff tasted “wrong.”

Child welfare authorities are investigating the daycare owner.

Turns out, mercury in high fructose corn syrup is not the biggest worry for parents. If your child is drinking “juice” that looks nothing like any fruit on the planet, let’s just make sure it’s not poison, eh?

Inage: furryscaly on Flickr under a Creative Commons License.


  1. it is all just so sad. ugh……I totally agree. Koolaid is just ridiculous. and this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t for the stupid stuff. ugh.

  2. whoa. Ironically, we USE the neon drinks and poison corollaries as a visual aid in our counter-marketing of sports drinks in our nutrition class as part of the theme “you’ve got to KNOW what you’re putting in your body.”

    Our point is about the label lingo and additives themselves, as well as the toxic irony of the dyes and fluids…(e.g. if you’ve ever noticed the coolant color is very close to lemon/lime green, the bright red and power blue are also very close to toxic materials as this has just PROVED…

    The number of ‘look-alikes’ endangering kids is mounting as I just wrote about in this new launch here on ‘melt away strips’ and mint tins that pack a punch of nicotine via smokeless tobacco: http://blog.shapingyouth.org/?p=5614

    Caveat emptor, kiddies…sigh.

  3. Erebusoflight says:

    “This is what happens when electric blue kids’ beverages look just like poisons.”

    Um, no. This is what happens when stupid people are in charge of children. Who the hell mistakes windshield washer fluid for cool aid? The windshield washer picture, skull and bones, or the fact that it says windshield washer fluid on the bottle always make me think of cool aid…. /sarcasm

    An example of propaganda… Using news for your own purpose when unrelated.

    (this is coming from someone who only drinks water, tea, and the occasional glass of orange juice once a month… though I used to drink a lot of juices, cool aid, etc a few years back)

    If your not smart enough to tell windshield washer fluid from cool aid, you should not be in charge of children… your own or others.

    -Erebus of light

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