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Octuplet Family to Star in Reality Show

The Sulemans will be British stars! The so-called “Octomom” signed contracts for herself and all of her 14 children, who will make $250 (or £150) per day starting September 1.

Paperwork was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court showing an agreement between the family and European media company Eyeworks. Over the course of 3 years, the children will collectively make about $250K.

As we all remember, Suleman stirred controversy after giving birth to octuplets conceived through IVF. Many made an issue over how the 33-year-old single mother might finance the kids’ upbringing.

This absurdity show comes on the heels of the very public breakup of Jon + Kate. So who is ready to say: perhaps we should stop parading children on TV simply to make a buck?

I understand that many people are fascinated by multiples. We all watch and wonder in horror, as there are some days that we can barely handle our single-birthed babes!

But how good is it for children like the Sulemans, who are aged 4 months to 8 years, to be showcased like this? Certainly, Suleman probably has a hard time paying the bills. But have any of these parents thought to pick up a pen and paper instead of letting a camera share intimate details of their lives?

Let’s look at the Dionne sisters, born in 1934 and put into a sort of zoo, “Quintland.” From their experience in the public eye, they later said,

We hope your children receive more respect than we did. Their fate should be no different from that of other children. Multiple births should not be confused with entertainment, nor should they be an opportunity to sell products. Our lives have been ruined by the exploitation we suffered.

Maybe it’s just me. I don’t watch TV, so I’m totally at a loss when it comes to this obsession. But perhaps the best thing for this family is support, love, and intervention, not exploitation.


  1. Coccinelle says:

    You are perfectly right, but there are rumors that she had 8 more babies only for the purpose of making money…

    I really hope it’s not true…

  2. I also hope it’s not true. People scare me enough as it is! And shows like this make me thankful that I’m cable-free.

  3. This is horrifying to me. And also makes me so happy that we haven’t had cable in the house for years now.

  4. I really don’t think, despite the rumors that it would be possible to plan on having octuplets. With her other children 6 embryos were implanted with each pregnancy resulting in 5 singleton births and one set of twins. While having the last 6 implanted was probably not a good decision no one could have predicted that all six would take and two split into twins. I do understand her feelings in wanting to save rather than abandon the embryos but it does leave her with a big problem. 14 kids and no means of support what with having to care for these children. There is a certain segment of the population here in America who have decided to hate her and want her receiving no public assistance so that leaves her with few other options. She doesn’t want to give them away into who knows what kind of homes so is looking for a way to keep them together.

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