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Nude Angelina Jolie Statue Unveiled to Promote Breastfeeding

When I think of Angelina Jolie naked, I think, “Breastfeeding.” You too? No?

Just minutes away from Brad Pitt’s birthplace, Phantom-Financial has posted a life-sized park bench statue. It’s apparently inspired by last year’s cover of W magazine, and the statue is just in time for World Breastfeeding Week.

I, too, was inspired by Jolie’s nursing pic. As a lactivist, I think it’s fantastic when women like this show that natural human processes are even done by hot starlet MILFs.

And though the statue is “not endorsed by any celebrity”, WTF is up with the naked breastfeeder? And–gasp!–in public?!


The press release also has this odd statement:

In recognition of the global effort to encourage breastfeeding, one twin is depicted as being of African descent. Future castings of the statue will represent other world cultures through variations of the babies’ patina coloring.

Let me say this: I love that she breastfeeds. And as the mother of a biracial son (not to mention as a human being in general), I’ve also appreciated that the Pitt-Jolie family embraces multiculturalism.

However artstic and hippy dippy it may be, we’re seriously turning one of her twins to being “of African descent” to encourage breastfeeding in all cultures? And we’re going to make this Anglo woman different colors to further the multicultural breastfeeding cause? Huh?

Boobs are used to sell a lot. I’m glad that this time it’s the right product. But really, what’s up with nakey Jolie? And the statue’s changing skin tone?

Please, folks, enlighten me. I’m lost here. Maybe I’m still recovering from Bebé Glotón!

Naked Jolie starts in the Oklahoma City Metro area and later will move to London. Check out the press release here. Image from that press release.

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  1. If you don’t get it, I don’t know if I can enlighten you. You’ll have to take our word for it that this is a very good thing indeed! Yes, naked; yes, with her own baby and another; yes, change the second baby to reflect different places. Wonderful idea, nicely done! My only wish is that she might have been shown in a more relaxed pose, and smiling.

  2. Seriously? Angelina Jolie? She gave up on breastfeeding after only 3 months and said it was too hard. This coming from a woman with access to any type of help she needs. Not the best celebrity example of breastfeeding. How about the gorgeous and talented Salma Hayek. Last I read she was still nursing her daughter at 18 months. The concept for this statue is great, but I am not impressed with Angelina as a choice.

  3. Thank you!
    Salma Hayek would be a much better choice. She’s been very public about BFing, and even breastfed an African infant when on a trip to promote vaccines on the continent. “Too hard.” Life is truly hard with all of those personal assistants!
    (It may be tough to breastfeed twins, but I know plenty of women who have; even extended breastfed them!)

  4. Exactly what I was thinking Pure Mothers! Angelina Jolie is not who I think of when I think of breastfeeding mamas in it for the long haul. I have been breastfeeding on demand for over 3 and a half years now and when someone who has breastfed for a few months because it was too hard is upheld as a standard I have to laugh. This is just another example of them buying publicity and a good image to counteract all of the negative.

  5. I forgot about Salma Hayek breastfeeding the African infant – I saw those photos! Now that would make more sense with her in the statue since they have one white and one black infant!

  6. Bizarre. Simply bizarre. Can’t imagine it will really accomplish the goal of encouraging breastfeeding. I know they say no press is bad press. But I fear this sort of thing encourages the idea that breastfeeding isn’t “normal”.


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