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Soyshorts Panties by Uranus Apparel

Just in time for back to school Uranus Apparel has launched their line of soyshorts panties for woman which come in small enough sizes your tween or teen could wear them.

My daughter received a set and the first thing she said was, “Wow, these are soft.”Why Soy?

Soy fabric is luxuriously soft and comfortable. It is softer than cotton. Soy fabric is more durable and long-lasting than cotton plus it just keeps getting softer with every wash.

Soy also dries quicker than cotton and is extremely easy to care for, being machine-washable and dryer-safe, just make sure to use low heat to prevent shrinkage. Soy fabric is warmer than wool while being breathable and absorbent making it an ideal fabric for both warm and cool weather.

And one of the greatest things about soy fabric (other than it’s super soft comfy feel) is that it is eco-friendly and sustainable.

We all know soy is a fast growing, sustainable crop but soy fabric is super eco because it is manufactured from the left over by-products of soy food products, like tofu and soybean oil. The fabric is made from manufacturing scraps. The leftovers that would normally be thrown away are being made into luxurious fabrics.

No more pesticide laden panties, you can opt for “green” soyshorts from Uranus Apparel. They come in a set of three for $19.00.

That’s a deal compared to some of the eco-underwear I’ve come across that cost over $20 for one pair of bamboo panties or a set of very plain organic cotton panties.

My daughter loves her set of soyshorts and I think they are so cute I might have to get myself a set.

The packaging is even very green. The soyshorts were wrapped in one simple piece of tissue paper and placed inside a cute little burlap bag I know I will find a use for.

[This post was written by Wenona Napolitano.]


  1. Wow look great! I hope they are as soft as they say they are because I just bout 3 for my girlfriend!

  2. I bought a set of these soyshorts and I LOVE them. They are so soft and comfortable and a great price. I would recommend them!! I am going to get a few sets for fun Christmas gifts! Love the sense of humor — help save planet earth starting with Uranus. Cute!

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