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Beetles in Your Baby Formula!

similac recallWhen we’re not bickering about companies that empower the formula industry, some of us are actually paying attention to recalls that affect children.

Like this one.

Abbott Industries just announced a voluntary recall of its Similac products. According to the recall information page, there is a tiny possibility that a “small common beetle” made its way to a part of the production line in one manufacturing facility.

There is a possibility that infants who consume formula containing the beetles or their larvae, could experience symptoms of gastrointestinal discomfort and refusal to eat as a result of small insect parts irritating the GI tract.

Gag. There’s also a possibility that reading that description will upset your stomach, too.

Yes, I realize that bugs end up in our food. Probably more so for me, what with all of the times my foot ends up in my mouth. But baby formula? Aren’t BPA, melamine, and rocket fuel bad enough?!

So what do you do? Check the lot identification number at the bottom of your formula container. It will likely be a combination of numbers and letters. Once you have that number, call (800) 986-8850 to see if yours is part of the affected lot.

What else can you do? Do your best to breastfeed exclusively, or restart breastfeeding if you must. I know it can be hard, believe me. Coming from a past formula supplementer turned extended breastfeeder: It’s worth it. As one friend said,

Human milk does not contain beetles.

Image via The Christian Science Monitor.

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  1. Nuts! Absolutely nuts! Get a life! And stop judging others!

  2. I was thinking that the beetles might be the most healthy thing in that stuff! :)

  3. :) Haha, the beetles probably ARE healthier than anything in that formula! Natural source of protein… yuck!

  4. Some of us have no choice but to formula feed, get a grip. Spend more time with your Children and less time making fun of others.

  5. and breastmilk contains pcbs, mercury, flame retardant, it can contain HIV, etc. people should support bfing friendly legislation allowing moms more paid time off and adequate pumping time if/when they do go back to work, and making it a crime in every state in our nation to harass a bfing mom or ask her to move or cover up–it is an outrage that moms feeding their babies should be harrassed–believe it or not, feeling smug that you don’t FF or putting down the thing that is keeping the majority of infants in this country adequately nourished, will not make any real increase in BFing occur. It just seems comments like those above prove that for a lot of bfing “advocates” it’s not so much caring about supporting women and babies than about feeling smug. oh, and stop trying to tell women what to do with their breasts–it’s none of your business.


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