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New Study: Fluoride Protection 100 Times Less Than Previously Thought

Photo: Attribution Some rights reserved by maryquest8Fluoride does not protect our teeth as much as we thought

Fluoride does not protect our teeth as much as we thought

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding fluoride.  I am a believer fluoride offers some protection to teeth when applied topically.  I do not believe it should be ingested systemically.  This is my approach with my children.  We do use fluoridated toothpaste, but it is SLS-Free.

A new study has found that the actual protection fluoride offers our teeth by providing a “protective shield” is actually 100 times thinner than previously thought!

Dr. Mercola reports:

It has long been believed that fluoride changes the main mineral in tooth enamel, hydroxyapatite, into a more-decay resistant material called fluorapatite. But the new research found that the fluorapatite layer formed in this way is only 6 nanometers thick — meaning it would take almost 10,000 such layers to span the width of a human hair. According to Science Daily:

“The scientists question whether a layer so thin, which is quickly worn away by ordinary chewing, really can shield teeth from decay”.

Given this evidence, I will still use fluoride toothpaste on my children’s teeth.  At least it will offer a little bit of protection during the night when they won’t be eating.

It’s hard to shake the belief in the power of fluoride I was raised on.  I don’t have any cavities (neither does my daughter), so something worked.  My son, on the other hand, has had a lot of tooth decay.

As Dr. Mercola mentions, the “real source” of tooth decay is “sugar being metabolized by bacteria”.  Eliminating high fructose corn syrup from the Standard American Diet would probably be more logical and effective at preventing tooth decay.


  1. We had to eliminate all fluoride in our home. I wrote a blog post about it actually.

  2. It is ridiculous given the amount of evidence of how dangerous fluoride is, for the author to still give it to their children. If you go to fluoridealert.org, you will read hundreds of studies of how dangerous this is. Not to mention it reduces IQ in children. If you are a parent and have read all the scientific studies and STILL give your children fluoride, you are irresponsible as this author is. All people get fluoride in large doses through food, medications and toothpaste. It is linked to cancer, brain problems, nuerological and thyroid problems. As this study in this article shows, it doesn’t even help the teeth. If a pea sized amount is swallowed, on the back of the toothpaste box it says to call poison control because that amount is toxic. As a parent, this is what you want to risk? No wonder there are so many people in America with low IQ’s. They have parents like this writer.

  3. “Green Parenting for Non Toxic Healthy Homes” does not include advocating a toxic substance that the ADA has specifically stated should not be given to infants and small children. When people read this and get the impression that it is alright to give this to their children, it is irresponsible writing that has not taken into account any science or research. It is appalling and incorrect. As more and more cities and countries are disbanding fluoride (98% of Europe does not fluoridate), these kinds of articles are inconsistent and backwards. Even the government just issued a report that we are over fluoridated and the levels should be reduced. As a writer it is your duty to be well informed before attempting information and swaying an audience. I find this article appalling. It is as if I just read an article that DDT is alright for us. Most know it is toxic just as most know that fluoride also is. Advocating such a substance is irresponsible. I know first hand. I am personally poisoned by fluoride and it upsets me tremendously to see anyone else, especially children, including yours, to be harmed by it.

    • Jennifer Lance says:

      I do not advocate for systemic fluoride. I do not advocate for fluoride in water. There is a difference between small topical applications and ingestion of fluoridated water for toxicity.

      • By saying that you give it to your children, whether you think you advocate for it or not, you are. There are many studies that say that even topically, it is ineffective. Even your own article! Maybe you need to see this video to make a better judgment on whether you should give it to your children. As a fluoride poisoning sufferer, I urge you to not experiment with your children and give them things that are known to cause harm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yreAkcrzl4M&feature=player_embedded


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