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Green Children’s Books: The Wild Weather Book

wild weatherSpringtime in the mountains means unpredictable weather. One day it may snow, the next day it can be 60 degrees and sunny.   I don’t believe in weather ruining your outdoor fun. As long as I have a dry warm place to return to, I go outside no matter the weather.

The Wild Weather Book: Loads of things to do outdoors in rain, wind and snow by Fiona Danks and Jo Schofield (the same authors of The Stick Book), is full of wonderful photographs and ideas to inspire your children play outside no matter the weather.

It’s raining outside – let’s get out and play! Don’t huddle cooped up indoors on a bad weather day: wrap up in warm clothes or waterproofs and get out of doors for some fun. In this book Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks offer myriad suggestions for wild things to do outdoors on wet, windy and snowy days, including:

– Rainy adventures (e.g. go swimming in the rain; test out your fire-making skills – can you make a fire in the rain?)
– Get creative (e.g. make a rain shadow; make an igloo; paint with natural paints made from wet mud, wet berries, wet charcoals)
– Play bad weather games (e.g. slip and slide; watermelon rugby; ice hockey)
– Experiment with weather (e.g. make a rain trap; make boats and float them on puddles; make a wind whirler out of a plastic bottle)
– Just have fun! (e.g. do a rain dance; make rain drums)

My favorite activities in the book are snow mazes, wind socks, and balloon ice baubles.  Actually, Project 66 Balloon Ice Baubles is brilliant:

  • Curl one end of a length of fine wire into a small spiral and then feed the spiral end inside and uninflated balloon.  The other end of the wire should be sticking out of the neck of the balloon.
  • Place the balloon over the spout of a tap and fill with water. For coloured baubles, add a couple of drops of food colouring to the water.
  • Remove the balloon from the tap, and either clip a peg over the open end of the balloon or tie the end with a thread.

I can’t wait to try this!

What I really like about this book, in addition to the activities, are the photographs. They really inspire, especially the mud pie!

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