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Eco-Friendly Planet Dog: Don’t forget your pets this holiday season

"We all know dogs have a natural capacity to make us feel better, cared for and unconditionally loved."



It feels a little early to be writing a holiday post; it’s not even Halloween.  When it comes to our pets, it’s never to early!  I love my dogs!

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Groovy, Eco Pet Products from Humboldt Pet Supply: Love your pet. Love your planet.

Humboldt Pet SupplyPets are part of our families and deserve the same quality natural products we want for our children.  In fact, if your kids spend as much time snuggling and playing with their pets as mine do, that contact could expose them to nasty chemicals in mainstream pet products.  For this reason, we never use Frontline or other such chemical treatments for pet pests. We rely on essential oils and Dr. Bronners.

What you feed you pet is just as important  as what you put on their skin for keeping your family safe.  Even though pets live shorter lives than humans, they still deserve quality food made from quality ingredients.

We recently discovered from a good friend a “groovy” pet store called Humboldt Pet Supply, which has a local and online presence:

Humboldt Pet Supply is dedicated to keeping your pet healthy and your planet green. Our goal is to provide pet owners with better options for pets and the environment by featuring products that are organic, sustainably made and whenever possible, LOCAL.

We are a proud member of 1% for the planet which helps support Humboldt Wildlife Care Center and the Environmental Protection Information Center.

The Cry it Out Method Doesn’t Even Work with Puppies

We got a new puppy!  The first evening with a new puppy is a lot like having an infant.  They cry and cry and cry.  I have tried several different sleeping arrangements with past puppies, but that first night is always full of howls and yelps.

When we got our little Hiro, I was exhausted that first night.  After getting up multiple times to let him outside, to snuggle, to feed him, I decided he was just going to have to cry-it-out.  That’s right, this hypocritical blogger was resorting to methods found damaging to infants.  Oh what would they do to my puppy?

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Eco-Friendly Plush Toys for Pets

Our pets are definitely important members of our family. They deserve the same health benefits of natural living.  Beyond just buying quality, natural pet food, pets deserve eco-friendly toys too. Think of how these toys are played with not only in your pets’ mouths, but in the hands of your children.

Booda Eco-Friendly Plush Dog Toys are made from recycled stuffing and natural wool.

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Create the Healthiest and Greenest Home for Your Family with Helpful Tips from the Design and Allergist Experts

Anyone with a family, especially young children, strives to provide the healthiest and greenest living environment possible. Not only is this beneficial to the entire family’s health, but it is also a great way to teach your family about green living.

Many people suffer from minor health complaints on a daily basis as a result of their unhealthy environment. Although these might not be life-threatening, they can cause a significant disruption to everyday life, like various seasonal and lifetime allergies. Thankfully, there are several steps which can be taken in order to minimize the number of allergens we are regularly exposed to inside and outside our homes, where we tend to spend the most time. Everyday Health has compiled a panel of 22 design and allergist experts to provide top advice on building (and remodeling) the healthiest home and on minimizing indoor and outdoor allergies.

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Concentration of Toxic Flame Retardants in Dogs’ Blood 5 to 10 Times Higher than Humans

It’s found in breastmilk; it’s found in newborn babies.  Toxic flame retardants permeate our environment.  Janelle Sorenson of Healthy Child Healthy World explains why we should be concerned:

According to Dr. Harpreet Malhi, a California physician and mother, “peer-reviewed animal and human studies find associations between flame retardants and decreased IQ in children, learning disabilities such as attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, cancer, cryptorchidism (undescended testicles), decreased sperm quality, increased time to pregnancy, and endocrine and thyroid disruption.”

It’s not just the humans in our families that are being affected by these toxic flame retardants.  Our pets are also being exposed.

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Seaweed and Iodine: How to Protect Your Pets from Radiation

Sprinkle powdered kelp on your pet's food to protect from radiationNow that radiation from the Japanese Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant has reached the United States and officials assure us that “does not pose a public safety risk to people outside of the disaster area”, I still it is prudent to protect your family by ensuring they are getting an adequate supply of iodine in their diet.  Iodine protects our thyroid from many sources of radiation, such as cell phones and x-rays.  Besides, it is important for overall health.

The Huffington Post reported in December of last year, before we were even concerned about nuclear radiation from Japan:

So, there can be no liability in everyone guarding against extra radiation exposure. Radiation does cause cancer. How much radiation a person can handle without developing cancer is very individual…

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Green Diva's Guide to Healthy Pets: Natural, Sustainable Pet Products

One of the best parts of this job is that we get to test and review a lot of products. Jenifer usually does all the kid stuff, but we both have fuzzy family members, and honestly, a lot of the toys offered by West Paw Design are kid-safe grade too!

West Paw Deisgn, is creating durable products for pets from environmentally sustainable manufacturing materials and processes.

I’ve gotten cool pet products before, but as soon as I opened these, I saw that one was for Woody (the golden retriever boy), and one was for Spooky (cool black cat). It took them all of 30 seconds to get into action . . .

I’m sure there is catnip in this one!

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Easy Organic Gift (Convert That Non-Green Friend)

onesieI am so impressed with the folks at Kee-Ka! They sell adorable organic cotton clothing and accessories for babies/toddlers/pets with simple graphics (sweet pea, pumpkin and lion are my personal favorites). All metal closures are nickel free and they utilize fair trade manufacturing standards.

But what makes this company truly stand out is the packaging! See, when you purchase a Kee-Ka item it comes housed in this nifty little brown box crafted of recycled paper that is ready to be mailed in three simple steps. No digging for wrapping paper, no searching for tape, no “This looks like my kid wrapped it” thoughts. Nada.

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