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Eco-Friendly, Multi-Cultural Children’s Books: Putumayo Kids Globally-Themed Coloring and Sticker Books

Of course, the best way to expose children to different cultures is through authentic experiences, such as visiting far away lands and engaging with real people. Putumayo Kids has the next best thing with their “world culture” collection of sticker and coloring books. These books have the same great quality you have come to expect from Putumayo musical collections.

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5 Green Products: PVC-Free PackIt Personal Cooler to Putumayo Presents World Christmas Party

packit1. PackIt PVC-Free Personal Cooler

PackIt lunch bags are PVC-free and non-toxic. These “personal coolers” fold up tightly for storage in your freezer. When ready to use, simply pull it out and then pack your child’s  lunch. Contents are kept chilled for up to ten hours.  Lined with “eco-gel”, there is no need to use an ice pack, but is it truly safe?

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