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Mini Silk Parachute

Available through Magic Cabin, the Mini Silk Parachute is a relatively inexpensive, simple toy. At a cost of $11.95, this is one natural toy that is affordable. Initially, I thought the toy needed to be dropped from a tall place (perfect for our loft balcony); however, through play we have discovered the parchute can be tossed into the air. Running on endless kid power, the silk parachute is a favorite in my household. Being made of silk and gauze, the parachute is somewhat delicate. The seam between the silk and the gauze began to tear after only five days of indoor fun in our home. Despite the tear, the parachute operates perfectly, and the repair is easy enough to fix.
Magic Cabin


  1. Tesfamicael says:

    Dear Sir or Madame,

    we would like to request your mini silk parachutes for our event. Our idea is to drop chocolate on mini parachutes to our customers.

    Is an individual production with our logo on the mini parachutes possible?

    Please send us more information and an open offer.

    And please send us an special price as we would like to request 500 pieces.

    Kind Regards
    Hanna Tesfamicael

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