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More Lead Hazards: Lunchboxes

I just received an email from the Sierra Club with a quote about lead in lunchboxes that caught my attention: “When it comes to a lunchbox, it’s carried. The food that you put in the lunch box may have an outer wrapping, a baggie, so there isn’t direct exposure. The direct exposure would be if kids were putting their lunchboxes in their mouth, which isn’t a common way for children to interact with their lunchbox,” said CPSC spokeswoman Julie Vallese.” What…lead in lunchboxes? I assumed that the culprit must be the old school metal lunchboxes….but no! Vinyl lunchboxes/bags contain lead! I am shocked anyone would put lead in a kid’s toy (see previous posts “Please Sign This Petition” and “Ban on Lead in Kid’s Jewelry in the Works”), let alone an item that comes into contact with food! The above quote from the Consumer Product Safety Commission is ridiculous. Do you put your child’s apple in a plastic baggie in their lunchbox? Once again I am outraged that given the known risks of lead contamination, products designed for children test positive for dangerous levels of lead. According to CNN,
• Study found one in five vinyl lunchboxes tested contained unsafe amounts of lead
• CPSC statement indicated “no instances of hazardous levels”
• FDA sent a letter to manufacturers warning of possibly dangerous lead levels
• Experts say elevated levels of lead in blood a significant health hazard for children
To read the full article, click here. Magic Cabin offers a great alternative to the vinyl lunchboxes, as mentioned in my previous post “Eco-Friendly Lunch Bag”. Reusablebags.com also offers several lead-free safe lunch bags for kids children.
Magic Cabin


  1. Lead is a concern… as well as leaching plastic. Why not avoid both? As a mom of two, I couldn’t find good options for lunchboxes on the market that seemed lead- and plastic-free, so I started http://www.ECOlunchboxes.com. We have a new kit that’s healthy for people and the planet that you might want to check out at http://www.ecolunchboxes.com/product.html


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