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Tooth Fairy Dreams

When a child loses a tooth, it is a magical rite of passage. For my daughter, we got her this sweet tooth fairy box. We have chosen not to tell our children that Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, etc. are real, but we do tell them these delightful myths of our culture. I remember feeling devastated as a child when I found out my parents had lied to me about these special people; however, my neighbor’s daughter felt she had been robbed of her childhood by not believing in Santa Claus. Whatever a family chooses to do in regards to these cultural myths, special occasions can occur within each family’s choice. My daughter cherishes her tooth fairy box, and she has even taken it to school to share after each tooth has fallen out. Inside the little, inexpensive box is a tiny mirror and satin pillow. The tooth fairy box sure beats the envelopes used for my missing tooth.

Speaking of teeth, I apologize if you missed our daily posts while we were in San Francisco for my son’s dental surgery. Everything went well, and we are glad to be back home in the mountains.


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