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Homeopathic Poison Oak/Ivy Relief

One of the things I love about fall is the poison oak turns red, making it easy to identify while hiking. I am one of those lucky ones (I’m being sarcastic here) that can get a very severe allergic rash from poison oak. Luckily, I live in the poison oak capital of the world! I have tried every remedy under the sun, including taking internally rhus toxicodendron (poison oak) to build up my immunity. The only relief I have found is the homeopathic Tecnu Extreme.

Tecnu Extremeis homeopathic, with the active ingredient being Grindelia Robusta, common name wild sunflower or gum plant.

If you are not familiar with the principles of homeopathy, homeopathic treatment involves giving extremely small doses of natural substances that mimic the symptoms of the same illness in healthy people when given in larger doses. The idea is that “like cures like.” I have successfully used homeopathy with all members of my family, including pets, but it is important to seek medical care when needed (not giving medical advice here!)

Tecnu Extremeworks by curing itching, removing poison oak oils, preventing the rash from forming, and speeding the healing of rashes. Since I have discovered this product, my poison oak rashes have been kept to a minimum. Tecnu Extremedoes not claim to be all natural, and it does contain alcohol. Other ingredients are not listed. I have used this product on my daughter when she has been exposed to a large amount of poison oak, and she has never gotten more than a single bump.

When I was pregnant, an old timer in our valley told me to be sure and get a good rash of poison oak during my third trimester. I didn’t have to try hard to get the rash! She claimed that my daughter would have natural immunity, and so far, she has. I don’t know if this is an old wives’ tale or sound advice, but neither of my children have ever experienced a full blown poison oak rash like their mother. It is possible they inherited their father’s natural immunity, but I like to think my suffering during pregnancy protected them.

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  1. Thanks so much for this review!

    My husband and I are very into holistic pediatrics for our son and are exploring homeopathic options as well. I am incredibly allergic to poison ivy and can’t even hike in certain areas where we know it is bad. Unfortunately, my son seems to have inherited my naturally sensitive skin and received his first PI rash this summer. I will definitely put this product on our list for next summer!

  2. Why would you take the risk with homeopathic preparations?

    Homeopathy is based on nonsensical claims that defy known science. It is no more effective than placebo. Your child deserves better.

    • Don’t knock if you have not tried it… and if it did not work for you, you should know that not everyone gets the same result because we are all different but MANY people get a good result from Homeopathic (often better than mainstream medicine)… if it is NOT a life and death situation, why NOT give it a try? many have been pleasantly surprised.

  3. genewitch says:

    Did you bother to ask a doctor if contracting POISON on your skin was a wise and logical decision while carrying a fetus?

    your whole “they haven’t had a full blown rash” is an example of the post hoc ergo propter hoc fallacy. wikipedia.org/wiki/Post_hoc

    I realize that suffering sucks. and sometimes science and reality will let you down, but that doesn’t mean you should try outlandish, unsupported, baseless nonsense like homeopathy.

    • Mainstream medicine failed me repeatedly; when I finally figured out that I had had numerous test spending thousands of dollars just to cover the Drs because they did NOT know how to help me, I cured myself of irritable bowel using natural remedies (30 years ago), which was the start of my journey to create wellness using Naturopathic practices including homeopathy; many that I met with similar health challenges along my journey chose the mainstream medicine path and they are all now deceased or in extremely poor health and many are on disability; while I still have my challenges, I enjoy a much higher quality of life than these misguided souls and have gone on to share my knowledge with those that are willing to take a proactive stand in their own health.

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