Green Eggs and Planet: Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Kids

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Tips on Healthy Snacks for Kids or Adults
Healthy Snacks
Mmmm…snack time.

I was sitting in an Organic Spa in Southern California a few days ago, waiting for my TLC. While in the waiting/relaxation room I was privy to a spread that flipped my mind upside down, rolled it up in multiple flavors (including dark, dark chocolate, fresh coconut milk and even some of the most amazing organic grape tomatoes I have ever ripped into) and threw it down onto a massage table for dessert. As I lie there, and I do mean lie, I drifted into a land of the perfect snack ideas, and what better time to share?

How about a list of the Top 10 healthy snacks, coming from a subjectively objective opinion? Bottom line, health is priority #1, and TASTE is priority #1.5! If you’re into online shopping, consider sources such as Sunfood Nutrition and The Raw Bakery— both offering many of the snacks listed below, as well as other healthy options to quiet a growling tum.

How to Snack Healthy When Eating Organic or Vegan

Goji Berries

You can find them certified organic, perfectly dried, packed into stay-fresh packages and ready for your consumption.

They may very well be the “authority” in regards to the superfoods, loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and yes, TASTE! They’re perfect for that mid-afternoon slump, or to keep popping while you’re out on a hike.

Cacao Nibs

Another of the superfoods, make no mistake, chocolate in its purest form offers loads of natural energy and anti-aging properties. No, it doesn’t mean it will keep your skin from wrinkling, but it will help keep your colon from looking like you feast on red meat and cheese for every meal. Loaded with antioxidants and MAO inhibitors, your brain will feel the sweet stimulation that you get from a cup of coffee. Eat them by the spoonful, sprinkle them on cereal, or dip a banana into a bit and enjoy.

Organic Nuts

You know they’re good for you. Why? They’re loaded with fat…If you don’t already know it, you can’t survive without fat.

Your body needs it to function properly, using it as a vital fuel source. The problem with fat lies in the funk that’s added during the refinement, processing or what I like to consider, “the ruining” of good food.

Let your body experience your favorite nuts: Almonds, Cashews, Macadamia nuts…a handful will do ya, and your body will thank ya. Problems digesting nuts? Read the Green Eggs post on how to deal with digestive problems from nuts.

Organic Seeds

Pumkin Seeds Shelled Raw Organic Better-Than-Roasted™ - 8 ozSunflower and pumpkin seeds have become incredibly popular in many snack and “trail” mixes, due to their rich taste and aid in overall health.

You can buy organic seeds from nearly any organic market, or check out Raw Bakery’s offerings by clicking on the link above for pumpkin seeds, or clicking here for Sunflower Raw Organic Seeds Shelled Better-Than-Roasted™ – 7.5 oz.

Raw Bakery Macaroons
Just had to throw this one into the mix. These are worth a try, or worth making yourself if you can secure the ingredients and create the perfect organic concoction.

These are sure to please the kids, or simply relieve you of any guilt from consuming junk. Pick up some of these Macaroons Choco Dip – Raw Organic online here.


Of course it’s best in organic form. If you don’t do dairy, then you can toss this one aside and move on to the next. But if you’re a yogurt lover, then consider mixing a few of the aforementioned into your organic yogurt, especially cacao nibs, for a great snack.

A Spoonful O’ Raw Honey

Raw, organic honey. If you’re looking to charge your system, and an “energy drink” is about as appetizing as crack-cocaine, just turn to our little friend the honey bee. If you can find it in its natural form with the honey comb, there’s nothing better for a great, natural energy boost than sucking on nature’s true candy! Find a local, natural honey supplier, and you stand to benefit from better health if you suffer from problems due to seasonal allergies.

Organic Blueberries

Loaded with antioxidants, they’re just as tasty dried as they are fresh…well, maybe not just as tasty, but the little they lack in juiciness, they make up for in the convenience category. Eat them by the handful, or combine them with nuts or seeds to make a quickly filling, nutritious snack. Or blend them up in a smoothie for a morning mix that will keep you loaded with energy for hours. Find Blueberries Organic 1 lb by clicking on the link here to Raw Bakery.

Organic Apples

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. We’ve heard it for years, yet do you know anyone who has actually tried it? Loaded with clean carbs, an apple is the perfect “breakfast to lunch” or “lunch to dinner” snack. They’re easy to find in organic form, even in “Super” markets. If you need a little more substance, slap a little organic peanut butter on your slices for an excellently balanced snack.

For the kicker, and last, but certainly not least, of the healthy snacks:

Super Snack

Organic cashew butter (or peanut butter if you can’t find cashew) spread on top of a graham cracker, and topped with fresh strawberries. I came across this while surfing (the Internet) recently, and I must say – delicious. Truly delicious. Check out Raw Bakery’s Cashew Butter Better Than Roasted – 8 fl oz here.


  1. Just a note, they do in fact make soy yogurt that has all that good bacteria of the dairy-based stuff. I don’t know if Wildwood Organics are available nationally, but that’s on example I know of.

  2. will N. says:

    Ok i am a kid and i would not eat this stuff i would eat like chips and soda and i am only 90 pounds and that is like the lowest weight limit my age. the only dairy based thing that i am gonna have is ice cream HA!

  3. ggs and Planet: Top 10 Healthy Snacks for Kids : Eco Child’s Play seems quite interesting – thanks for information R.Kraven

  4. Debbie McCormick says:

    Try Wa Guru Chews for a great snack. Nutty, carmel like bar without processed sugar (they have brown rice syrup), no dairy or preservatives. Whole foods sells them for around 80 cents.
    Also, unsweetened chocolate rice milk that you can add your own sweetener to. (I like agave nectar) It makes a great cup of hot chocolate. Another of my favorite treats for breakfast is a wheat free frozen waffle that you pop in the toaster then spread some unsweetened fruit spread on top. For a heartier treat top this with a Gardenburger breakfast patty. Delicious!

  5. Well the protein is essential to your body, but doesn’t necessarily slow down the weight loss process. The slow loss of weight could be due to many different things. Try changing your workouts a bit, like doing more cardio intervals, changing the days and times you workout, and perhaps change your eating habits a bit (such as eating 5-6 small meals and snacks a day, eat earlier in the evening, add another glass or two of water a day, cut out half of your carbs for a week, and then ease back those carbs over several weeks. Regarding the protein intake should be 1 gram of protein for every 2-21/2 lbs (ie 50 grams of protein for 100lbs.)

  6. notakidanymore says:

    ha I agree with the kid – none of that is making my mouth water. Definitely dried goji berries are yuk. The graham cracker super snack sounds especially foul.

  7. kidatheart says:

    Forcing your kids to eat hippie foods like this will only make them rebel later in life and create a fat person in the long run. Teach them about moderation and what food groups are important instead of forcing grass and soy down their throats.


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