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Genetically Modified Food: Americans Don't Want it–

tomatoesJust a day or two after my posts about GM foods, I received an email newsletter from the Organic Consumers Association.

They report in this article Fifty-Three percent of Americans Say they Won’t Buy Genetically Engineered Food, from a CBS/NY Times poll:

“53%: Percentage of polled Americans who say they won’t buy food that has ingredients from genetically engineered (GE) plants.
65%: Actual percentage of products on grocery store shelves that contain unlabeled GE ingredients (usually soy or corn derived).
90%: Portion of U.S. grown soybeans that are genetically engineered.
99%: Estimated likelihood that the U.S. sugar supply will start to be sourced from genetically engineered plants this year.”

Okay. These numbers indicate that the American public does not want to buy GE foods. They are being fed them anyway, unlabeled, at U.S. grocery stores. Especially soy. Brands like Morningstar Farms. And sugar. Most Americans consume gobs of it.

This data is even worse than what I reported just this week at Eco-Child’s Play and at Non-Toxic Kids.

Even more reasons to avoid eating GM foods, and to take action about labeling genetically engineered foods so consumers can make the choice themselves.

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  1. …but we have no problem eating what the kid at the local drive-thru hands us through the window…

  2. what are the statistics on the % of americans who actually know what GM foods are in a scientific sense? is there any overlap between those who know what GM foods are and those who don’t want it in their diet?

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