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Feeding Hungry Children: One Man's Mission

There are starving children all over the world. As a parent, I am not above reminding my children of this when they complain about their full plates of food or daily snacks. To which they have been known to respond, “well, send it to Africa then.”

One man is doing just that. Richard Proudfit is a retiree from Minnesota and he is a man with a mission. Proudfit founded Kids Against Hunger, an organization that is bringing 40 million meals to starving children around the world.

The meals consist of 52% soy protein, 6 vegetables, flavoring and 22 vitamins/minerals. It is a simple, dehydrated food that is highly nutritious and can help reverse the effects of starvation. The main ingredients are rice, soy beans, vegetables and vitamins. It took a team of food scientists three years to find the right formulation of food for these malnourished children.

Proudfit says, “God has called me to feed starving children” and has also said that he won’t retire from this job until all the world’s starving children are fed. He has been helping fulfill that calling since 1999 with Kids Against Hunger.

Funding for these meals comes from churches and volunteers. With the amount of meals provided this year, Kids Against Hunger has lowered the cost per meal to 13 cents (previously 23 cents a meal). They team up with the U.S. Military to transport the meals (free of charge on Military ships) and with government and non-government crews on the ground to feed the children.

Any person in the second grade or older can volunteer to help prepare and package the meals. There are packaging satellites in several states, click here to see if there is one near you.

If your family is looking for a good cause to help this Holiday season, this is one worth looking into! If you live near one of the packaging areas, give your time. If you don’t, please consider causes such as feeding starving children with your Holiday giving.

Image from Dreamstime under RF-LL terms.

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