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9 Best Articles for Natural and Home Remedies on Eco Child's Play in 2008

natural home remedies

We’ve published some excellent natural health articles on Eco Child’s Play this year, and I’ve picked out 9 of the best, covering quite a few natural and home remedies for both kids and adults. [social_buttons]

A great place to start when looking for ways to prevent sickness in the home is to go over the top 10 places that harbor cold and flu viruses in your home and clean them thoroughly. Household surfaces can spread common cold and flu viruses from person to person, with some germs lingering for days. This can mean a world of misery for families, so start today to keep those places sanitized.

9 of the Best Eco Child’s Play Natural and Home Remedy Articles:

  1. Natural Remedies for Morning Sickness – “About 50% of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness during their first trimester. The following suggestions for herbs, foods, and lifestyle practices are from my own personal experiences and from a great list of natural remedies posted on Mothering.”
  2. 13 Natural Remedies for Fevers – “One of the most misunderstood and over-treated childhood conditions is a fever. Fever is not a disease, and in most cases is nothing to worry about. An elevation in body temperature is one of the body’s strongest weapons to deal with infections.”
  3. Here Comes The Flu – 10 Ways To Beat It The Natural Way! – “As the sniffles start moving across the country, helpfully tracked this year by Google, you can start loading up on some natural remedies for those annoying symptoms.”
  4. 14 Natural Remedies for Earaches – “The doctor may see you during office hours, but it seems like earaches tend to appear in the middle of the night. What do you do at 2 AM?”
  5. Herbal Remedies: 8 Natural Methods for Relief from Childhood Canker Sores – “Most canker sores heal on their own within two weeks, but due to my daughter’s pain, I decided to treat it naturally with herbs and homeopathy that we already had in our home.”
  6. Natural Remedies for Wasp, Yellowjacket, and Honeybee Stings – “Help! I got stung! Your child runs up to you with tears and a look of pain, holding out a hand or foot to you. What do you do?”
  7. Upset Stomach? 16 Home Remedies to Set You Right – “Eating too much candy can wreak havoc on your kids’ digestion, causing nausea, vomiting, and stomach cramps. Having some home remedies for an upset stomach can save the day (or help you get through the night). Many of the ingredients can be found in your kitchen, and if one doesn’t work for you, there’s a whole list of of remedies to try.”
  8. Head Lice (Leave Mommy alone, She’s Shaking in the Corner) – “I was a green mom until the lice came. When I saw the first louse I thought, “My goodness, get me some chemicals.” There were parasitic beings suckling on my child’s scalp. After sitting down and crying for a minute (twenty perhaps), I pulled myself together, grabbed a cup of wine and did what every rational mother does. I called my mom.”
  9. Herbal Remedies: Natural Pregnancy Tea Recipe – “Here is my recipe for pregnancy tea. My midwives always advised I drink a quart a day of this special blend instead of taking prenatal vitamins, as our bodies absorb the nutrients from herbal teas more readily than from vitamins.”

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We look forward to bringing you more top-notch natural home remedies in 2009!

Image: Pink Sherbet Photography at Flickr under Creative Commons


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