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Feds Find Roaches and Mold in Peanut Butter Recall Plant

cockroachs found at peanut butter recall plantAs if salmonella wasn’t enough to cause the massive peanut butter recall, federal inspectors have found mold, cockroaches, and a leaky roof at the Blakely, Georgia plant owned by Peanut Corp. of America (PCA).

The peanut butter recall has been expanded to include all products PCA products from 2007 on.  Over 400 products have been recalled including ice cream, Asian sauces, and dog biscuits.  Even a few organic products are on the recall list.

Even more concerning to the FDA is that PCA continued to ship out peanut butter products after they were found to contain salmonella.


Such corporate irresponsibility is unexcusable!  A senior member of Congress and the Georgia’s agriculture commissioner are calling for a criminal investigation; however, the FDA has stated they must complete their investigation first.

Unless we change the way our food is produced, we are going to see more and more recalls of this magnitude in the future.  Corporate greed is interfering with our children’s health, and massive production leads to large scale outbreaks.  The peanut butter recall is one more reminder why it is important to eat locally produced food.

Image:  Boby Dimitrov on Flickr under a Creative Commons License


  1. That’s just gross. I’m glad I don’t like peanut butter products…

  2. I hope the family’s who had loved ones die due to this travesty sues the owners of this Company.I hope they are charged with murder also as they KNOWINGLY shipped out contaminated food.

  3. Remember, the salmonella outbreak could affect your pet as well. It’s been found in dog biscuits and dog food, where the peanut butter comes from the same plant in Georgia.

  4. One thing I recomend is that you clean out your dishwasher often. Roaches are attracted to the left over food particles and the damp area a dirty dishwasher provides.


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