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Boy Had 11 Tumors…Did Alternative Therapy Work?

At age 5, Connah Broom faced aggressive childhood cancer called Neuroblastoma.  Tumors stretched from his neck, through his torso, and down one leg. Chemo didn’t work. The doctors, afraid to operate so near vital organs, sent him home to enjoy his final months with his father and grandparents.

That was in 2007.  Now, his grandparents claim going organic and other alternative treatments have saved Connah’s life.

He’s seven now. Recent scans have shown that 10 of his 11 tumors are shrinking and may be “dead”, and his grandparents hope that a new scan will show that the eleventh is on it’s way, too.

Doctors, of course, are skeptical and warn the family not to get their hopes up.  They say the tumors could return at any time.

But you’ve gotta give the family props.  They were given a choice: try some strong experimental meds.  Take the boy home enjoy the time you have with him.  They said “No thanks” to the medicine, which would damage his kidneys and heart and gave only a 50/50 chance of survival.  And they have indeed enjoyed their time with him.  But they’ve also worked to save his life.

Told the little guy would die, they soured the internet and came up with natural, alternative remedies: organic foods and filtered water, detoxing through saunas, and reiki.  They also use altered forms of Western medicine, like ultrasound and laser therapy.

The regimen of treatments take two and a half hours every night .

We can’t pinpoint exactly which part of what we are doing is making Connah so well, so we’ll just keep doing it all. If what we’re doing stops working, then we’ll look for another treatment. We’ll never give up doing everything in the world to help our little boy.

Grandpa came out of retirement to contribute his paycheck to what his son brought home.  The treatments, both in and out of the UK, are expensive.  The family has set up a Web site to raise money.

While some doctors don’t believe that reducing toxins and other therapies can help cancer patients, Connah’s GP Dr Eamon Jessop is a bit more optimistic.

The thing with this cancer is that it can suddenly flare up again and when it comes back, it can come back rapidly…if it does happen, we will have to look again at whether traditional medical treatments should be considered. When it was decided two years ago that his tumours were inoperable, we would have expected just a short time before he became very ill. But sometimes unexplainable things happen that we have to call a miracle. The excellent care given to Connah by his grandparents can only have helped him. They really are amazing people.

Source: Daily Mail

Image: Connah’s Appeal Web site.  Check it out to donate.


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