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KINeSYS: Safe Sunscreen for Your Kids

KINeSYS sunscreensThe days are getting longer and sunnier, which increases the need for sunscreen. Yet with so many unsafe ingredients popping up in everything it is hard to find products that are safe.

KINeSYS sunscreen has been voted the safest and most effective sunscreen by the Cosmetics Databaseafter investigated over 1000 sunscreens. KINeSYS is also a proud signer of The Compact for Safe Cosmetics and strives to be a carbon neutral company. Their bottles are even made from 100% recyclable, BPA free plastic and they avoid excess packaging whenever possible.

KINeSYS makes several types of sunscreen designed with kids in mind, including the all new SPF 30 Girl Sunscreen Spray which is rich in Vitamin E and smells like vanilla and green tea. My daughter and I are totally loving this one.

They also have Kids Funscreen SPF 30, regular Kids SPF Sunscreen Spray, and KINeSYS SPF 30 Sunscreen Spray for anyone with a light mango scent or unscented.

The sunscreens are available in creams or spray on formulas (I prefer the sprays, less mess) and the products are oil-free and alcohol free. The sprays are non-aerosol.

KINeSYS has won several awards including Mom’s Best Award 2008, Parent Tested Parent Approved Award 2008, and the iParenting Media Award for one of the best products of 2008. That’s impressive though I didn’t see any eco or green awards on their roster but I suppose better and safer is better than the alternative.

It is really hard to know what is safe and what is the best in this crazy mediasphere where every expert says something different. I guess the best advice I can offer for anything is trust your gut and trust someone you trust to give you good advice.

Myself and my children are all fair skinned and when we don’t want to be bundled up like mummies we need some kind of sun protection so we don’t turn into lobsters.

So far KINeSYS offers the safest, best choice. I trust the cosmetics database, so until I learn otherwise or find something better I’ll be trusting KINeSYS.

My family used KINeSYS on Saturday and loved it. No greasy oily residue, it smelled great, and was super easy to use.

[This post was written by Wenona Napolitano.]


  1. Has EWG published a study I haven’t seen? I’m a faithful follower of their Skin Deep Cosmetics Database and I don’t remember seeing this as a recommended brand. I just double checked their listings, recommendations, and studies, and Kinesys, while not the worst of sunscreens, doesn’t rank up there in the best. There are many more that use better sunblocking agents (zinc and titanium dioxide) that are not absorbed into the blood stream.

  2. If you search Kinesys on Skin Deep it actually shows a score of 2-3, depending on the product. There are other sunscreens for babies/children that score a 0 (Soleo and California Baby).

  3. Actually, this is more misleading marketing – neither ingredients present in these sunscreens, Parsol 1789 and Titanium Dioxide are approved by FDA for use on children. Do some research. ONLY ZINC OXIDE is approved by FDA for use as a sunscreen on children.

  4. What are the ingredients in this sun screen

  5. The above comments are correct. While KINeSYS is not the worst sunscreen choice it IS NOT rated as the safest choice. You want a choice tht is rated 0 on the cosmetics data base, like Badger, Soleo, California Baby, or Keys.

    Please rethink this article or at least clear up the inaccuracies.

  6. Kristie Turck says:

    I am also a fan of Kinesys, and it is on the EWG skin deep site one of ONLY two sunscreens that does not contain nano-technology, safe for babies and children, good uva protection and is water resistant.

  7. I, too, an wondering what the ingredients are. I checked their website and couldn’t find any ingredients listed for any of their products. Makes me nervous…

  8. John Lerner says:

    Active Ingredients
    Oxbenzone 6%
    I only discovered this after I was tricked into buying this product.
    It’s headed for the trash.

  9. Colleen M. says:

    It says on the Cosmetics Database that this company has NOT signed the Compact for Safe Cosmetics! How can the author of this article post both links and be incorrect about that? She obviously didn’t even check the website herself.

  10. Hi, just browsing info on sunscreens and came upon your site. This particular sunscreen is listed as the 107th safest sunscreen on the EWG. There are clearly safer products on the list if one desires a safer choice. The ingredient OCTINOXATE (OCTYL METHOXYCINNAMATE) I use to use in the sunscreen my company makes, but after more research I discovered it is not the safest choice for our children. Consumers should actively be pro active in researching on their own the ingredients in any products used, especially on kids. There is to much false advertising in promoting natural and safe products. Do your own research, not reading blogs, or reviews, but actually research on each ingredient in the product you are wanting to buy. The ewg.org is a fantastic informative site that one can find correct information.Peace

  11. Hello, I wanted to comment and respond to some of you that wrote in.
    To start with Shelly, we never falsely advertise and we use safe and effective sunscreen ingredients. If you go to our website, you will see the Vice President of the EWG on the CBS morning show. The only product she mentioned by name is KINeSYS.
    Colleen, KINeSYS was a signer of the Compact for Safe Cosmetics many years ago.
    John, please check your bottle again, our sprays do not contain oxybenzone.
    Erik, there are NO sunscreen ingredients approved by the FDA for use on children.
    The EWG has chosen to endorse Titanium & Zinc, as they are physical blocks. Most of the time they are thick creams. The problem with that so many people won’t put it on and end up not using sunscreen at all.
    Finally Alexis, I too am a fan of the EWG and was shocked when the new rating came out, as the same KINeSYS formula that had a 1 & 2 rating is now a 3 & 4. I have contacted the EWG and asked many questions in regard to testing, only to find out from the EWG directly, THEY DON’T DO ANY TESTING!
    The instead look at MSDS sheets, for each ingredient. The more data gaps (or lack of information on an ingredient a product has) the better they score on the Skin Deep site. SPF is not tested at all, which means a number of products that claim high SPF’s and only have minimal active ingredient, still get high scores, but many not work?
    Finally comment, Titanium and Zinc are minerals, to make them small enough to put in a cream is a CHEMICAL process. The chemicals remains and the jury is still out on the safety of Nano Particles.
    Thank you and I hope you all have a wonderful and protected summer.
    Jeff Kletter
    CEO & Co-founder
    KINeSYS Inc.

  12. Michelle says:

    OK — I don’t used KINeSYS, but I still felt I had to do a little research and comment on this article and all of the following comments.

    The EWG ladies, is a JOKE. I have done some research regarding their practices and have made some astonishing discoveries, none more shocking than the fact THEY DON’T EVEN TEST the sunscreens the recommend. Rather, they simply formulate ratings based on whatever the manufacturer says goes into the product and I think we can all agree that there are some very unscrupulous companies out there!!!

    As far as Oxybezone is concerned yes, they use it in their sunstick, but they DO NOT USE IT in any of their spray sunscreens.

    If you really think the EWG is that trustworthy, look at what the ranked KINeSYS in 2008 during a nationally televised episode of the Early Show on CBS!!! (copy and paste the link below into your address bar)


    They said it was the best sunscreen you can buy and to be perfectly frank, I don’t think their product or ingredients have changed in the past year, so why the drop off? Because the EWG is FULL OF IT. It’s not an unbiased, non-profit group, it’s an organization vested in lobbying Congress on behalf of its “donors”. By the way, take a look at it’s list of contributors and do some research into them. You’ll find they aren’t as squeaky clean/eco-friendly as you might think.

    Like almost every organization in this world the EWG is truly concerned with one thing: MAKING MONEY. Their funding is from “private foundations, individuals and select corporations.” Would love to see a complete list of who those corporations, foundations and people really are.


  13. stacy murillo says:

    Kinesys is a terrible product. It caused my child to break out in a terrible rash and he was sick for days. Our doctor directly attributed it to this sunscreen product. Our doctor believed that it was more about the hype of this product by its owners then the safety for its consumers. To all I say STOP USING THIS PRODUCT until a lab like UL investigates. To stores I would tell them to pull this product off of their shelves until further indepentant testing is done.



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