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NWF's Children's Magazine: Wild Animal Baby


One of the gifts my son received for his 2nd birthday was a subscription to Wild Animal Baby published by the National Wildlife Federation. The magazine is printed on FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified paper. Wild Animal Baby is a children’s magazine for the age range 12 months to 4 yrs.

Wild Animal Baby is a wonderful way to get your toddler involved in reading at an early age. The magazine encourages children to get outdoors and appreciate nature. My son loves to get the mail and often asks to check the mailbox for his monthly copy of Wild Animal Baby.

Wild Animal Baby is just the right size for toddler hands. The pictures are bright and engaging and it is filled with several interactive activities for your child. Including I spy, letter/color/shape recognition, songs with illustration motions, captivating stories, child participation and much more.

My son loves to look for Sammy Skunk! I enjoy reading Wild Animal Baby to him because it is  educational and entertaining. We burn up some good time going through the pages and doing the activities.

NWF’s mission is to inspire Americans to protect wildlife for our children’s future.

It is my hope that my son will be inspired by Wild Animal Baby. I know, as a kid, I was inspired after reading a monthly issue of Ranger Rick! When your child has outgrown Wild Animal Baby he or she can explore Your Big Backyard another NWF publication for kids. It doesn’t hurt to expose your children to resources that believe in protecting wildlife and learn to appreciate what mother nature has given us.

Get 10 issue for$19.95! It makes a great gift idea and becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Check out NWF’s site and sign up for free activities, crafts and family tips.

[This post was written by Leslie Quigley.]


  1. Single Mama says:

    Have you seen *Zoobies* and *Babybug*? They are great for toddlers, too, and my son loves ’em.

  2. Thanks for the great tip! I checked out their website and love all the fun stuff you can find on there. I´ll definitely suggest this magazine as a christmas gift to grandparents! My son loves to look at animals so this would be perfect for him.

  3. pat elmore says:

    hello i have orded your animal babys magazines for my grandson on 8/30/ 2010 i have recieved the free gift but still no magazines yet can you tell me when they will be comming you did cash my check some time ago………….thank you pat

  4. Kathy Forsyth says:

    I would like to order Wild Animal Baby for my 20 month old grandaughter but do not know if you deliver to Canada. She lives in Sarnia. Please let me know soon so I can have it for her 2nd birthday.




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