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Fall Arrives and Brings Sickness: Homeopathic Treatments

Our children went back to school and brought home viruses. We have had enough sniffles, sneezes, runny noses, and earaches to fulfill our annual quota. Now Mommy has pink eye (otherwise known as conjunctivitis). Thanks kids.

Several years ago I learned that pink eye can arrive from multiple reasons. One is bacterial, which isn’t the most common, but does require antibiotics the majority of the time. A much more frequent cause is a virus. That’s right, that cold settles into your eye(s). This can easily be treated at home or just waited out. If you are like me, the discomfort requires attention. [Read more…]

Homeopathic Pink Eye Relief

Similasan pink eye reliefMy daughter has contracted pink eye (conjuctivitis) three times this school year! This highly contagious infection is common amongst children, and it can be caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies, or substances such as pet dander. Whatever the cause, children are not allowed at school with a bright pink eye.

The first time my daughter contracted pink eye, it was clear she had gotten the infection from her best friend. I read extensively online about the infection, and I decided it would go away on its own, despite cautious warnings on websites to take your child to the doctor. I did not want her receiving antibiotics, and I vaguely remember using homeopathy when I contracted pink eye in college. After several days of pink eye misery, I discovered homeopathic Similasan Pink Eye Relief Drops. [Read more…]