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Friday Food: Four-Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate-chip-cookies.jpgToday is a snow day, hooray!

My daughter and I are drinking hot chocolate and making paper beads out of junk mail. And hey, it’s a perfect day for baking, but do we have everything we need to make cookies? I have zero motivation to shovel icy snowdrifts, and my sock monkey slippers are way too cozy, so forget a trip to the grocery store to pick up almonds or tahini butter.

A flip through my recipe cards reveals the perfect solution – chocolate chip cookies made with only four ingredients. Can you guess what they are?

I asked my daughter and she correctly guessed one of the correct ingredients. Then when she came up blank for the rest, she started calling out things like, “fairy dust!” “violets!” “rainbow powder!” As you can see, it gets pretty whimsical around here.

Here is the recipe for Four-Ingredient Chocolate Chip Cookies:

1 cup creamy peanut butter

1 cup sugar

2 large cage-free eggs, preferably from your local farmers market

2 cups (12-oz.) semi-sweet chocolate chips

Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix peanut butter, sugar, and eggs with wooden spoon until blended. Add chocolate chips. Drop by round teaspoonfuls on an ungreased baking sheet. Bake 8 minutes. Turn sheet in oven and bake another 2-4 minutes. Don’t burn them for heavens sake. Let the cookies cool a bit before removing them from the sheet.

They are delicious and golden brown – I would never guess they contained no flour or vanilla! Though my daughter did ask as she enjoyed them with a frosty glass of vanilla rice milk, “Are you sure these don’t have fairy dust in them?”

[This post was written by Kendra Holliday.]


  1. Awww… if only they sold “rainbow powder” at my local farmer’s market.

  2. Sharon Lueken says:

    Excuse me…. what did I do wrong? It took me five sheets of paper to print this recipe. How eco-friendly is that?

  3. Kendra Holliday says:

    Well that’s no good! I don’t have a printer, so I jot everything down on scrap paper and add it to my recipe book, an easy method when the recipe is short and sweet!

  4. Sharon L: Thanks for pointing that out! We’ll get right on implementing a solution that makes printing our pages easier and more efficient.

  5. Cookiemomster says:

    Sounds good, I love the short ingredient list, as I’m usually short at least one thing for a recipe. I’m jealous of your snow day, we haven’t had one yet (and the temps are way too warm for one soon). As for printing, if you select the portion you want to print, and then print only the selection, it’s way less waste.

  6. housedad of kc says:

    how many cookies does this recipe make?

  7. I just made these! delicious and soooo easy. Which is good for me because I am not domestic at all and am trying to be, this was my second-ever baking attempt and this attempt was far more successful than the last.


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