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Homeopathic Pink Eye Relief

Similasan pink eye reliefMy daughter has contracted pink eye (conjuctivitis) three times this school year! This highly contagious infection is common amongst children, and it can be caused by bacteria, viruses, allergies, or substances such as pet dander. Whatever the cause, children are not allowed at school with a bright pink eye.

The first time my daughter contracted pink eye, it was clear she had gotten the infection from her best friend. I read extensively online about the infection, and I decided it would go away on its own, despite cautious warnings on websites to take your child to the doctor. I did not want her receiving antibiotics, and I vaguely remember using homeopathy when I contracted pink eye in college. After several days of pink eye misery, I discovered homeopathic Similasan Pink Eye Relief Drops.

Similasan Pink Eye Relief Drops use the active homeopathic ingredients of Belladonna 6x, Euphrasia 6x, and Hepar Sulphurius 12x. According to the principles of homeopathy, the remedies consist of extremely small doses of natural substances that mimic the symptoms of the same illness in healthy people when given in larger doses. The idea is that “like cures like”, thus the symptoms for pink eye (inflammation and redness of the whites of the eyes and inner eyelids, excessive discharge, sensation of grittiness, redness and burning) are likewise produced by the Belladonna, Hepar Sulphurius, and Euphrasia.  Similasan explains:

In homeopathy, however, the dosages are not concentrated enough to poison the body. In fact, the dosage level is only enough to cause the body to detect the presence of the ingredient and then react to it. The body then reacts by triggering the immune system to heal the underlying problem…Rather than imposing a chemical drug on the body with the hope of temporarily masking symptoms, homeopathic active ingredients attempt to stimulate a physiological reaction of the body’s healing mechanisms. In other words, homeopathy encourages the body to maintain proper health by imposing a gentle stimulus.

I have successfully used homeopathy with all members of my family, including pets, but it is important to seek medical care when needed (not giving medical advice here!) During this last round of pink eye, my daughter only missed one day of school compared to a week previously. Similasan Pink Eye Relief Drops work quickly to eliminate symptoms, and these drops are available in almost every drugstore. Every time I have used homeopathy with my kids, the results have been great.

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  1. Interesting posting, I am not sure how to react to it. Viral Pink eye will go away by itself in 5-7 days and usually have reduced symptoms 3-5 days. One should not be treated with anything such as antibiotics because it will not work.

    Bacterial pink some practitioners will give antibiotics especially if it’s from chlamydia. Most practitioners will also not give anything and you will have symptom relief in 3-5 days.

    Is this a pay for posting?

    Matthew Feldman, RN, BSN, OCN

  2. No Matthew, this post was not solicited or paid for, but it reflects my personal experience. These drops, in my experience, speed up the symptom relief and healing.

  3. We have also used an eyewash made of eyebright (which i buy at a local health food store) and I tried to make one once of chamomile. It relieved the burning that makes the kids want to rub their eyes constantly.

  4. Jessica Hill says:

    Just another note. The best way to prevent pink eye is by washing your hands frequently. I know this can be difficult to supervise in children though. Here’s another good resource for explanations and prevention – http://www.allaboutvision.com/conditions/conjunctivitis.htm

  5. I didn’t know they made a product for pink eye; I’ve used their product for earaches. I will definitely file this information it away if I ever need it. Great! I like having homeopathic remedies available.

  6. I don’t know much about homeopathy, and I have pink eye and am trying the Similasan drops. Is it the case that too many doses can actually make things worse or not help? Can you tell me more about dosage? How much is too much? Thanks.

  7. Marc Seay says:

    This thread is 100% BS. If anyone can not tell that these posts are planted by the maker of the product, you are nuts.

  8. Marc, as editor of ECP, I can assure you the original post was not at all “planted” by Similisian. This is a product I bought for my family. I did not even receive it as a free sample bloggers often get in order to write reviews. The comments are also authentic.

  9. jose garcia says:

    how is it possible to get pinkeye from chlamydia?

  10. I have used this and can no longer find it… PLEASE can someone tell me where it is still available?

    • Jennifer Lance says:

      They changed the name to irritated eye relief.

      • thanks for the reply. I found it at Walgreens today. They also still have a couple with the pink eye label PLUS they have a store brand that is exact and cheaper.

  11. Thanks, Jennifer, for posting this. Noticed my eye was all red last night, and when I awoke this morning, it was still read and a bit goopy. I Googled for homeopathic pink eye and found your post. I’ve used Similasan in the past (love their ear drops!!!) but never anything for pink eye. I went straight to town and picked some up and have used it 4 times today…..my eye is less red! Will continue a few more days. Thanks again!

  12. dear jose garcia – if you have no clue as to the truth that chlamydia can be an eye problem – then how do know much of anything else about what is being discussed here?

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