Back to School with One Small Step

One Small Step was founded by a mom who needed alternatives for her daughter’s lunches. Renata Bodon’s daughter’s school requires waste free lunches.

That led to One Small Step, an online resource for reusable, eco-friendly, stylish, and environmentally safe lunch products and food wraps with no BPA, no phthalates, and no PVC.

In addition to eco-lunch containers, reusable sandwich wraps, and environmentally friendly lunch bags One Small Step also carries eco backpacks, EcoStaplers, and Greenciles (pencils) for your back to school needs.

What’s green for our planet = more green in your wallet.

“Not only are the products found at One Small Step healthy for the environment, they can give a family’s bank account a much needed boost as well. Consider the fact that waste-free lunches cost one-third less than lunches served in disposable products. The average disposable lunch costs approximately $4.02 per day and the average waste-free lunch costs about $2.65 per day — that’s a savings of over $240 per child per year! “

eco lunch set

“If we educate our children on a waste-free lifestyle, they will educate their friends and families, ultimately helping the environment,” states Bodon. To encourage organizations to get on board, One Small Step donates 10 percent of gross sales back to partnering schools and non-profits.

One Small Step is a company that offers everyone the chance to take just one small step to change the world. And as with everything else one step often leads to another and another.

Check them out for your green back to school needs. I am liking the eco-friendly stationery set. You get a whole starter pack for $13.00. That’s less than just one eco-notebook from some stores. It contains a recycled paper notebook, pens, highlighter, recycled pencils and an eco-stapler.

Eco-cool for back to school.

[This post was written by Wenona Napolitano.]


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