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Did you know cotton is one of the top 3 pesticide-laden crops in the world?

There is a choice! Green Label Organic cotton t-shirts sustainably made in the USA

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Your feet deserve Jambu

Jambu has committed to plant 50,000 trees across five U.S. forests targeted for restoration. This is enough trees to cover Disney's Magic Kingdom… twice!

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H.R. 1599 Safe and Accurate Food Labeling Act would end states’ rights to label GMO foods

Would take away a state's rights once and for all to require labeling of GMO foods.

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5 reasons you MUST clean green

Are your cleaning products making you sick?


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Monsanto supported GMO labeling in Europe after the fact

In 1997 the European Union enacted mandatory genetically modified food labeling.

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What is Anthropocene Epoch?

For the first time in our planet's history, "humanity is the dominant influence on the planet's ecosystem."

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Teaching children about climate change: Indicator start of spring

Since 1984, spring has occurred earlier relative to the last century’s average

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All you need is less

An emphasis on reducing consumption, simplifying your life, and playfully poking fun at preachy environags


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Breaking Climate Change Records: 400ppm entire month of March

Stabilizing the rate of emissions is not enough to avert climate change.

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How to Teach Teens to Cook Green

Teens don't like to be preached to. They want to learn from their own experiences. We can take advantage of that experiential learning in the kitchen!

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How long should you be pregnant?

British study finds human gestation can vary as much as 5 weeks!

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Which natural food companies can you trust?

Hain Celestial Group Endorses Mandatory GMO Labeling

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Made in the USA: reCap Mason Jars repurposes your jars

Safe to use, eco-friendly, able to be manufactured in the United States, and, of course, multi-purpose.

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Natural beauty: Rose & Chamomile EO bath, shower, bubbles!

The company is a model for how operate according to ethical, natural principles in Marin

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